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Welcome to 2016 Parents!

Welcome to 2016!

Throough My Eyes will cover current parenting topics that parents may find informative and can relate to in the day to day realms of raising our children. As a parent of two children and a working mum, I too face and understand the daily highs, lows, smiles and tears we all face. If you have any topic ideas you would like me to write about, please feel free to let us know through our contact page. We welcome all feedback and topic suggestions.

As we all settle back into the routines of school, work and after school activities, we also have to get back into the all-important night time and sleep routine. I know in our house, school holidays mean later nights and sometimes a sleep in, but not always.

I know my kids were not happy when I started sending them to bed at their regular time three days before school started. I wasn’t happy when they decided to have their sleep in on the first day of school and wouldn’t get out of bed! Why do some kids have their sleep ins on a school morning and not on the weekend? If anyone has the answer, let me know!

Whether your cherub is starting Prep or going into Grade Six, they are actually more capable of doing a lot more than they let on and more than what you would like to think. If you find yourself carrying two or three school bags on your shoulder, stop and put them down. I understand that some school bags are bigger than your child when they start Prep, but if they are able to carry their bag, let them.

Your ultimate goal in life is to be made redundant as a parent and raise independent children who are able to stand on their own two feet…..even with a school bag on their back! Start with the basics of expecting them to unpack their bag after school and put lunch boxes and notices or blue bag, on the bench. This may seem a simple task, but this is where responsibility of personal belongings begins.

At school, we as teachers expect the children in our classrooms to be responsible for their belongings such as pencils, books, rulers and so on. The amount of times I have heard, “Mum didn’t pack my blue bag “or “Mum forgot my library book.” It isn’t mum’s blue bag or mum’s library book! Introducing little things such as this develops more independence and responsibility. Before you know it they will be dressing themselves too!

I hope you enjoy reading the articles written as I know our parent community have over the past two years. The feedback has always been very positive and when parents stop me in the playground and tell me how much they loved an article or could relate to something written, that is a good feeling. Sometimes we as parents believe that we are the only ones who think what we think or are experiencing certain things in isolation.

Throough My Eyes can promote discussions with other parents and then all of a sudden you realise you aren’t alone, trust me, you’re not.

So welcome once again to new parents and welcome back to those who have been reading this for a while. I wish you all an enjoyable year ducking and weaving through the journey of life.

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