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About Fiona Froelich

Fiona Froelich: CV

Teacher, Passionate Blogger, Parenting Coach

I have been an educator for almost 20 years. I am a mother of two gorgeous children.

I don’t see myself as just a mother, I see myself as the most influential role model for my children as they weave their way through the journey of life.

I love spending summer days at the beach with family and friends, teaching my children to cook nutritious food so when they eventually fly the nest they have some recipes under their belt!

I have a passion for education and seeing all children be the best versions of themselves and reach their full potential.

As parents, we need to be the platform, the sound board, and the positive role model so that our children are given the access to the tools they need to reach their potential, but not given everything!

Growing up in the country as a child, my days were filled with adventures of being outside, leaving the house in the morning and returning in time for dinner, having chores to do and eating dinner at the table as a family. It is these types of values and traditions, that I think we as a society are losing sight of and what our children crave.

As parents, we are expected to know how to deal with various scenarios that arise and of course, get it right! This is unrealistic and not always possible and where I found the passion to start blogging and launch the hub of knowledge known as Throough My Eyes.

I hope you find Throough My Eyes a practical and useful tool to help guide you through the highs and lows of parenting!

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